Heraklion Cruise

Heraklion Cruise

Minotaur island and other legends

A few words will suffice to describe everything you can experience in this ancient land, amidst the wonders and splendour of an island-jewel embedded by nature in a fabulous sea.

Let an MSC Mediterranean Cruise make your trip to Heraklion, on the island of Crete, an authentic Work of Art, full of many legendary artworks, palaces and sculptures to admire. Discover fantastic mythological men, gods and monstrous figures with their tales of enduring love, passion and jealousy.

An MSC Excursion will take you through the ancient picturesque alleys in the town centre, in a maze of ancient and modern sights, between highly poetic and spiritual historical sites and nightlife venues, and craft shops scattered in the squares and streets. The Venetian-style features and the many bas-reliefs on the buildings make the old town particularly interesting. The Morosini Fountain in Piazza Venizelou with its eight pools adorned with beautiful aquatic mythological figures is equally delightful.

The massive walls surrounding the city, outlining the profile of the 16th century Venetian Fortress are an artistic and architectural spectacle. At first sight, arriving with your MSC Excursion, you will realise how difficult the town was to conquer, protected by its deep moat around the castle, also known as Megalo Koule.

With another MSC Excursion, you will reach the most majestic archaeological site in the heart of the island, on the heights of Kefala, where Zeus was hidden by his mother Rea so that his father, the titan Chronos, could not devour him. You will breathe in the sacred atmosphere of this place, home to the palace of Knossos, the most imposing in the Minoan civilisation, and Minos' legendary labyrinth, that imprisoned the Minotaur, monstrous outcome of the love between his wife, Pasiphae, and a bull.

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