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The sacred fire of the Olympics from the past to the future

If you wish to experience for the illusion of living in the past, plenty of sunshine, unspoiled nature and a crystal-clear sea, then the Peloponnese will be the perfect destination for your MSC Cruise.

Whit an MSC Mediterranean Cruise you can travel to the beginning of times, to this land that will fill your heart with its enchanting beaches, its wild vegetation, its extraordinary people and their culinary tradition rich in ancient flavours for you to enjoy.

One of the MSC Excursions will show you Katakolon, picturesque and choreographic small fishermen port. Born on the peak of the promontory overlooking the Ionian Sea it has become an important port from which footpaths unwind over centuries-old olive tree woods and incredible sea views. Surrounded by evocative hills and woodlands, Katako-lon is a must destination for those who want to breathe the energy and the energetic atmosphere of the mythical city of the Olympics.

Olympia is the city where every four years ever since 776 BCE the ancient world stopped for five days to attend the Olympic games and watch the sacred flame burning in honour of the gods. Another MSC Excursion will take you to the UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site, among the ruins of a mythical city, destroyed by fires and earthquakes, but whose remains were surprisingly brought to light by the English archaeologist Chandler, precisely in 1776.

You will also explore the more religious aspects of the Olympics during the MSC Excursion to the sacred sites of the temple dedicated to Zeus, father of all Greek gods and men, in whose name the greatest athletes competed. At the centre of the temple lay a gigantic statue, recognised as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world for its magnificence, sculpted by Fidia in 430 BCE in honour of Zeus.

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