Piraeus Cruise

Piraeus Cruise

A taste of an ancient civilization

Landing in the historic port of Athens, Piraeus, on an MSC Cruise is a unique experience. The landscape you will see from the cruise ship is simply a taste of civilization par excellence, the cradle of art, philosophy, and democracy. You will get a sense of Athens, which still exudes "antiquity" in its many facets.

Your MSC Mediterranean Cruise will begin by visiting Piraeus, the soul of a maritime city which alone has more than 160,000 inhabitants. Piraeus is a world apart, is the Saronic Gulf, the seafront, the Municipal Theatre, the Maritime Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the Roman ruins.

An MSC Excursion will take you right to Piraeus, the largest port in Greece and the most visited in Europe for the number of passengers. It consists of three bays: Kantharos, the most commercial port, Zea, the most "sportive ", Mikrolimano, the most characteristic for the fishing boats and taverns where you can enjoy delicious fresh fish.

Arriving in Athens, the National Archaeological Museum is one of the destinations of an MSC Excursion. Among the ten most visited museums in the world for the number and richness of artworks found on Greek territory from prehistory to antiquity. You will no longer know where to look. You will be captivated by bronzes, sculptures, vases, and objects. Stop in front of the bronze of Poseidon, the funeral gold-laminate mask of Agamemnon and the head of Zeus. You won't regret it!

Also in Athens, another MSC Excursion will take you to visit the dramatic ruins of the most famous symbol of ancient Greece: The Parthenon. The temple, built in Doric style between 445 BC and 438 BC, to house a colossal statue of the goddess Athena, made of wood, gold, ivory and 12 meters high, is the main monument of the Acropolis of Athens. The most significant architectural complex of Greek civilization will immerse you in the magical classical atmosphere allowing you to admire, from its 156 meters of altitude, fascinating views of the city.

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