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The pearl of Aegean

Santorini the "pearl of the Aegean"! An MSC Cruise will take you to the most romantic Greek island, its small lagoons and wonderful beaches, the blue dome (the most photo-graphed sunset in the world), white houses, terraces converted into swimming pools, walks down the cliffside of the caldera…

Santorini, a special stop of an MSC Mediterranean Cruise, is an island of volcanic origin that owes its fame to its particular caldera, a depression originated thousands of years ago following an eruption. Everything revolves around this unique natural bay.

An MSC Excursion will take you to the picturesque village of Oia, in the northern part of the island. Built on the edge of the caldera stands this typical Greek village which gives the illusion of being suspended between the sky and the sea. Nothing is left to chance, everything is taken care of, from the only library on the island to the Naval Museum, the alleys, the ancient ruins of the Venetian fortress, down to the smallest detail, as if to signify that beauty originates in this earthly Paradise.

The Akrotiri Archaeological Site will be the destination of one of the MSC Excursions. Many call it the "Pompeii of the Aegean" for having been found under the ashes and lava stone of an eruption dating back to 1627 BC. It is surprising to learn that the 40 buildings located at a depth of about 40-50 meters represent only one-thirtieth of the extension of the site. They are remarkably well-preserved thanks to the glass and wood covering structure.

For those who want to take enjoyment of the sea and nature of Santorini, another MSC Excursion will take you to the beach of Perivolos. An authentic natural wonder, immersed in the evocative scenery of the Aegean Sea. Its main trait is the black sand, while the sea that washes the beach is dark blue, perfect for exploring its seabed. Along the coast of Perivolos, you can also find many bars, restaurants where you can taste the Greek specialities.

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