Bari Cruise

Bari Cruise

A land of spirituality and history

Departing on the discovery of Apulia with a MSC Cruise, the gateway to the eastern Mediterranean, will be a romantic adventure, full of exciting and delightful experiences.

An MSC Mediterranean Cruise will take you to Bari, the heel of Italy, amongst the uncontaminated nature and rare intensely blue sea. This land and its people have been able to influence history, traditions and spirituality through the centuries, a crossroads between East and West where you'll have the opportunity to see architectural jewels such as magnificent castles, ancient buildings and the trulli, the traditional stone buildings.

An MSC Excursion will make you discover a land where no one is a stranger. In 4,000 years of history, many different peoples (from the Ostrogoths to the Lombards, from the Byzantines to the Saracens) have left behind priceless archaeological trails and an infinite puzzle of features, stories and evocative atmospheres with dazzling contrasts that you can experience thanks to the many art festivals, concerts and ballets held throughout the peninsula.

Thanks to an MSC Excursion, you will be able to admire one of the most imposing and precious symbols built by the Normans, the Basilica of San Nicola.
The church is a masterpiece of the Apulian-Romanesque style, a past destination of pilgrimages to the remains of the patron saint during medieval Christianity.

Amongst the many beauties of Bari, one of the MSC Excursions will guide you through the historical town centre scented by freshly baked bread and focaccia, homemade pasta and wines that taste of sunshine, earth and sea. You will easily accustom to the local lifestyle with its rich cultural traditions.

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