Brindisi Cruise

Brindisi Cruise

An ancient land of a thousand suggestions

Let yourself be led by an MSC Mediterranean Cruise in a breathtaking landscape, discovering one of the oldest cradles of civilisation between maritime traditions and vast expanses of olive trees, rich in history and the most suggestive atmosphere.

On an MSC Cruise, you can discover Brindisi and Lecce, two pearls of the Salento peninsula already considered by the Romans as the gateway to the East for their prosperous trade with Greece and Turkey. You can enjoy an enchanting sea with long fabulous beaches or walk along the limestone hills of the Murge, which have the appearance typical of American canyons and offer visitors unexpected contrasts.

An MSC Excursion will stop directly among the historical sights of Brindisi, including the only surviving Roman column of the two that marked the ending of the Via Appia, which used to connect the city with Rome. The abundance of medieval remains scattered along the coast has made it an open-air museum, where you can follow an itinerary marked by churches, epigraphs and monuments, testimony not only of worship but also of culture and spontaneous art.

Another MSC Excursion will accompany you in the heart of the historic centre of Lecce, surrounded by solid walls and accessible thanks to the four beautiful gates, of which today only three have been restored to their former glory. Porta Rudiae, Porta San Biagio and Porta Napoli are the entrances to the "Florence of the South" characterised by the baroque style that has defined the outlines with extreme elegance.

You will be fascinated by the traditions, tastes and oriental connotations of Salento which you will discover thanks to an MSC Excursion. These traditions are the fruit of an eternal cultural bridge between East and West, which has contributed to giving this land a somewhat exotic atmosphere in terms of art, architecture and in particular cuisine.

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