Cagliari Cruise

Cagliari Cruise

A city with by scent of myrtle

Sardinia, the island with two souls that overlooks the Mediterranean will surprise you with white and pristine beaches, a crystalline sea like few others in the world and a wild hinterland that will overwhelm you with an unmistakable scent of myrtle.

An MSC Mediterranean Cruise will take you to Cagliari, in the south of Sardinia, where the intense colour of the sea enhances the white stones of the bare uphill city. The fortified citadel, its medieval walls and towers, will charm you with its ancient history and a succession of symbols inherited from the various peoples that have contended the city.

Thanks to an MSC Excursion you will have the chance to enter the wildest and oldest core of the island, with planned walks between heaven and earth, reinspecting the ancient ways of past civilizations. You will discover spectacular isolated coves, inlets over-looking the sea, natural oases, underground towns and archaeological areas that reveal the authentic character of this sullen, nonetheless divine and exciting land.

The island's past, with its strategic position between Africa and Iberia, will lead you, on an MSC Excursion, to the discovery of ancient Roman remains, most importantly the amphitheater at the foot of the Colle del Buoncammino, which at the height of its glory entertained as many as 10,000 men with competitions between gladiators, wild beasts and death sentence executions. Mansions and botanical gardens will amaze you with the innovation of their artefacts.

With one of the MSC Excursions, you will go up the paved streets of the town centre, to the old quarter on the top of the hill, its medieval castle with boundary walls overlooking the city, its ancient churches and artistic jewels. While sampling myrtle and pecorino in a typical restaurant, you can observe the Pisan towers, the Palazzo Regio, the Bastion of Saint Remy.

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