Genoa Cruise

Genoa Cruise

Sensations at every turn

The ancient and vibrant atmosphere of Genoa will captivate your heart, guiding you to the discovery of unexpected treasures at every turn, among a luscious nature and beaches as beautiful as pearls.

The extensive UNESCO Heritage that makes Genoa, with its traditions and maritime history, the queen of the Ligurian Sea will fascinate you while sailing on an MSC Mediterranean Cruise, giving you a unique experience at every step of the way, among the waves that break on the cliffs and on the old port that nowadays regularly holds spectacular events.

Designed by the architect Renzo Piano to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' discovery of the New World, the Genoa Aquarium dominates the area of the old harbour. Thanks to an MSC Excursion, you will visit Europe's largest aquarium with harbours thousands of animals of as many species. You will be taken away by the ancient flavours of the port: the pesto, ravioli, fries and takeaway focaccia that you can appreciate from any traditional trattoria.

You will enter the maze of medieval alleyways of the charming old city, packed with historical buildings. One of the MSC Excursions follows the crowded and colourful arcades to take you first to Piazza Cavour, home of the former city's fish market, and then to Piazza del Palazzo del Principe, the late residence of Admiral Andrea Doria.

The west coast stands scattered with jewels. Between the Golfo del Tigullio and the Golfo Paradiso, you will discover the sublime town of Portofino, the destination of an MSC Excursion that pays homage to the ancient Roman heritage of this small yet spectacular town. You will bathe in the clear waters of the bay, stroll amongst the yachts in the harbour, the boutiques and the pastel-coloured houses, feeling like of being part of a fairy tale.

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