Kotor Cruise

Kotor Cruise

A jewel hidden in a beautiful bay in the Balkans

An enchanted landscape, rich in history, culture and magic, overlooks the Adriatic with its authentic colours: this small fresco will welcome you in an enchanting journey to discover the wonders of Montenegro .   

An MSC Mediterranean Cruise will reveal one of the most authentic places on the Balkan peninsula, where green mountains plunge into the sea, forming bays and fjords on which spectacular cities have been built. Wild nature is the protagonist of this place, and you can only surrender to its beauty.

With an MSC Excursion, you will visit Kotor that defended one of the largest and most beautiful Balkan fjords with its ancient fortifications. Its stunning bay stretches out for over 28 km; perched between Mount Lovćen and Mount Vrmac it has a delightful old town with visible traces of the many cultures that have developed in this land, right at the end of the Estuaries that take their name from the city.

Another MSC Excursion will allow you to get out of Kotor, to explore the surrounding sites. The valley of Grbalj, where Kotor stands, will then appear in front of you. A fertile region surrounded by low hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It is mainly agricultural and therefore rich in fruit orchards, vineyards and vegetable gardens the produce of which you will have the chance to taste. A performance by local musicians and direct contact with the local folklore will immerse you even more in this landscape.

Many styles and cultures have come together in Kotor, which boasts one of the best-preserved medieval old towns in the world. You can admire them during the MSC Excursion to the cathedral of Saint Tryphon. The church, which dates back to the Romanesque period, also has distinct Byzantine elements. Two earthquakes have affected its structure over time. Today, after careful renovations and changes, it is splendid and grand, with two twin bell towers, identical except for one small detail. Will you be able to discover it?

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