Tangier Cruise

Tangier Cruise

The gateway to Morocco

The "Gate of Morocco", the point where the Maghreb meets Europe, an MSC Mediterranean Cruise will accompany you to Africa's most European city, with its multi-ethnic atmosphere and enigmatic charm that has always attracted artists and writers.

Your MSC Cruise will dock in the port of Tangier, the first port in the Mediterranean, where you will discover the beauty of an Arab-European town. There the old city, the souks and the kasbah slope down on the hillside. The European city, with the Montange residential district, extends over the forested foothills of the Rif and the "Malabata" seaside area stretches along the coast.

An MSC Excursion will take you to a mythical place of ancient origin: the Caves of Hercules. A natural cavern, with two openings – one towards land and the other towards the sea – dug by the powerful waves in the Strait of Gibraltar. According to classical mythology, the residence of Hercules was a quarry until the 1930s. Easy to access, through a long corridor and a stairway, it has a significant effect, especially at sunset, when the sun plunges into the ocean.

During your stay in Tangier, treat yourself to some time on Cape Spartel, where you will be taken during an MSC Excursion to enjoy the breathtaking views it offers. This promontory opens onto a vast and unspoilt Atlantic beach and a jagged rock spike where the Caves of Hercules are located, with their entrance shaped like the silhouette of Africa. Other caves complete the landscape, all equally fascinating for the disc-shaped erosions visible on the walls, created by centuries of extraction of limestone. If you're lucky, you can also see reckless surfers riding the ocean waves from Cape Spartel.

Another MSC Excursion will take you to Tetouan, a picturesque town with white houses clinging to the Dersa hill, high towers, minarets and crenellated fortifications. The landscape will offer you an outstanding panorama where orange groves, almond trees, pomegranates, cypresses are immersed in the valley of the Martil. The Medina will be a surprise not only for its historical importance but especially for its well-divided souks.

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