Koper Cruise

Koper Cruise

A hidden pearl of timeless charm

Slovenia is a treasure trove full of historical monuments, a diverse nature full of sights to be experienced to the rhythm of adventure, amid surprises and a series of folkloristic events for every season that will thrill you beyond all expectations.

All this is Slovenian Istria, the destination of an MSC Mediterranean Cruise overlooking an unexplored and enchanting sea. An ideal place for all age groups, rich in culture, art and music that will intertwine in enchanting scenery, from the sea to the mountains, between lakes and rivers, above and below the ground.

On an MSC Excursion, you will travel to the heart of the extraordinary Ljubljana, a man-sized city with a romantic soul. In the beautiful castle tower in the hillside, you will find the statue of the dragon defeated by Jason, leader of the Argonauts' expedition to conquer the Golden Fleece.
You will also enjoy the sight of magnificent baroque, art nouveau and gothic palaces and intriguing squares where you can stop to relish the flavours of the place.

On another MSC Excursion, you will discover Bled, in the heart of the Julian Alps, one of the most extraordinary places in Slovenia, with all the characteristics of a magical place. The middle of the lake, of glacial origin, is home to a small island and an enchanted castle dating back to the 11th century that will capture your attention, as much as “pletna”, the traditional boat.

The magnificent Postojna Cave will be another destination of an MSC Excursion, one of the most fascinating in the world. In these caves run rivers and also a railway that opened in 1872: onboard a panoramic train you can visit the spectacular Brillante, a white glowing stalagmite of 5 meters. With a bit of luck, in the ancient waters, you might see the dragon cubs, which even Darwin mentioned in his work "On The Origin of Species" in 1859.

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