Cartagena Cruise

Cartagena Cruise

The cradle of timeless culture

The deep blue of the crystal clear waters and the white beaches of the Spanish region of Murcia will welcome you in a magnificent dream, lulling you in the most reinvigorating relaxation. Your MSC Cruise will allow you to stroll through the past wealth of Murcia and Cartagena.

An MSC Mediterranean Cruise will take you through the elegant streets of Murcia's historic centre, welcoming you into the lively atmosphere of university culture and captivating you with the eclectic style of the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Episcopal Palace. You can taste the genuine products of crops and orchards for which the city is recognised as the "garden of Europe".

An MSC Excursion will guide you into the past in the footsteps of the Carthaginian Hannibal and his father Asdrubal, who in 227 BC founded the Cartago Nova, the Iberian capital of the old world. Hannibal left Cartagena for Italy, to fight the Second Punic War and crossed the Alps in a mythical enterprise with 70,000 men and several elephants.

Leaving Cartagena, another MSC Excursion will make it possible for you to visit Murcia. Located at the foot of the Sierra de Carrascoy mountain range and nestled on a fertile plain, the city, now a student town, has Arabic origins and offers natural and cultural wonders. Its most surprising building is the Real Casino de Murcia, a magnificent 19th-century novelty architecture, a combination of historical charm and aristocratic grandeur, with a facade richly decorated with unexpected treasures. The tour of the city will also include the Cathedral, built in 1394 in Gothic style, which will astonish you, too, with its exterior combining Renaissance and Baroque elements. You will be surrounded by the 9th-century Moorish walls that you can admire as you go along the way.

With one of the MSC Excursions you will experience the best way to get a feel of the city’s rich past: a simple stroll. In the Roman archaeological area, rich in attractions such as the Santa María la Vieja Cathedral, the old forum and Casa de la Fortuna, you will discover the secrets of Roman life in the first century BC. Continue towards the hill of El Parque Torres, and you will be amazed by the majestic Concepción Castle, a medieval fortress from which you can enjoy, the breathtaking view of the city.

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